Tiny Treehouses.
Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

We adore working with Tiny Treehouses, who have come up with a stupendous idea of making DIY model treehouse kits for your pot plants.

Lars, the founder of Tiny Treehouses says, ‘Launching a new brand with a new product takes an incredible amount of work, time and financial resources! I can confidently say I am far better off financially and have much more time to develop my product and business having partnered with Sourci.’

Here's how we made amazing happen for Tiny Treehouses.

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Tiny Treehouse

How scaling is difficult when alone

Tiny Treehouses was first conceived and launched on one of the biggest crowd funding websites in the world, Kickstarter. Initially the goal was to raise AUD$20,000.

By September 2020, the campaign raised over AUD$300,000. This amazing result was overshadowed by the daunting task of producing over 9,000 units. The timeline looked impossible to achieve, with the plan of using an industrial laser machine for each individual one. We heart control.

Start to pull the strings. Find answers. Contacts. Leads. Forget about the person who knows a person.

Save time, money and more importantly - headaches

Sourci was then commissioned by Tiny Treehouses to manage the product development, source a manufacture, handle the quality control and arrange the importing back into Australia. The entire end-to-end production process allowed Tiny Treehouses to concentrate on growing their business within the product development stage and gave Lars piece of mind that experts had people speaking the native language, with knowledge around all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Sourci was able to produce accurate samples that would otherwise taken ten times longer. This has dramatically reduced the time to deliver the products to the awaiting KickStarter backers.

Tiny Treehouse
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